Films from the East 2014

6 DECEMBER 2014 2pm


War Paint. Two artists decide to do some artwork outside in the garden, but things don’t go quite to plan. Starring Sameer Naeem and Jadah Samuel, who both attend Living Films Sibling Saturday Film Club at Richard House.

Garden Pest. A Gardener has trouble in the garden with a annoying pest! Starring Shaan Ali, who attends the Sibling Film Club at Richard House, as the pest, and Director of Living Films Bernie Wighton as the Gardener.

Zilla” Action Comedy . When a professor’s experiments go badly wrong a Monster is born. Starring Jordan Samuel; Murad Shaikh; Josh Smith; Cara Smith; Louis Baker; Lance Balynas; Sameer Naeem; Anna Dalligan; Aitana Dalligan; Caitlin Inns; Shaan Ali; Haidar Mirza; and Bernie Wighton.


Inna Vision Film School — the process. 5m26s. 2014. A film made from early camera and interview exercises that participants in the Inna Vision Film School carried out. The film serves as an authentic and honest insight to the project and the participants, discussing the process of the work, hopes for the project and attitudes towards mental health. Click here to view the film online.

The Beautiful Octopus Club, Inna Vision Film School. 5m59s. 2014. The Beautiful Octopus Club is a multimedia club night held in the Royal Festival Hall, which is run for and by people with learning disabilities. Matt Fraser, a distinguished artist and activist himself, narrates the film. Click here to view the film online.

The Phyllis Grant Guide to Well-Being. Inna Vision Film School. 9m20s. 2014. The story of an older Caribbean woman who is determined not to let health problems prevent her from leading an active, creative & sociable life. A warm, inspiring film about the opportunities and possibilities of older age. Click here to view the film online.

Jade. Ilaria Vecchi & Hamish Graham. 11m. 2014. Jade Sempare is a young woman with multiple sclerosis living a full and independent life. She is a campaigner for disabled people’s rights — as she says, “It is no secret that disabled people face a number of barriers in their life and I wish to be a part of breaking down and overcoming those barriers”. In this film she gives an insight into her journey and challenges preconceptions about disability with honesty, humour and feisty spirit. Click here to view the film online.

Who Taught You To Hate? Basil Kinghorn. 10m28s. 2014. A challenging, highly creative and ambitious film about body dysmorphic disorder in the African diaspora, involving themes of black history, popular culture and media representations of the body. Featuring a narrative by performance artist MUUF, an interview with artist and academic Dr Ju Gosling, playful cut-out animation and recycled footage. Click here to view the film online.

Let Me Speak. Nigel Madhoo. 10m17s. 2014. Three African Caribbean people with substantial personal experience of the mental health system speak about their experiences. A film that challenges the stigma and stereotypes around mental health, whilst also offering a critique of mental health services and ideas for progress. Featuring Jacqui Dyer, Stephen Laudat and Roy Hayde. Click here to view the film online.

Away From Home, Cedoux Kadima. 5m28s. 2014. A poetic, personal film exploring the consequences of being displaced as a refugee and the challenges of identity and self-esteem in a new country. Click here to view the film online.

Kids on the street! Cedoux Kadima. 2014. This film explores the issue of child abuse, specifically “street children”, from D.R. Congo to the whole world.

Meet Alice. Amy Spiteri. 7m19s. 2014. Alice Evans is a fine art photographer and film maker. Her work seeks to expose the mechanisms of the filmmaking and photographic processes by leaving elements of the construction of the image within the frame. Alice relates this to her mental health diagnosis schizoaffective disorder – which is an influence in her art. This film seeks to convey that people are much more than labels, and that we should seek to understand and appreciate the individual. Click here to view the film online.


Climbing. 49.5s. 2014. This short film shows the women from The Powerhouse charity at a climbing session at Mile End Climbing Wall. Unique moments are captured which show how these women with learning difficulties work together to overcome their fears and go beyond expectations. Funded by the British Mountaineering Council.


You’ve been Namped! Directed by Dan Burman and Kasey and created with Carl, Dan, Jack, Jason, Natasha, Patrick, Paul and Sarah. Snowy Productions. 8m11s. 2014. The Vampires and the Werewolves are at war. The humans have all gone missing. Funded by Essex County Council, Epping Forest District Council, European Regional Development Fund and Arts Council England. Click here to view the film online.