Night-time Stories 1: Breaking Boundaries Saturday 5 December 7pm

The 90 Day Plan. Gabriela Garcia Medina. US. 2019. 7:40. European Premiere. 17-year-old Lorea aka Lolo is a plus-sized Latina, bright-eyed, overachieving wheelchair user who is obsessed with heist movies. Lolo’s Abuela (74) has lived in their apartment for over 40 years. When Lolo learns they are being pushed out to make way for “renovations” that will raise the rent and appeal to a more upscale, middle-class (mostly white) hipster crowd, Lolo must convince her best friend Vasundhra to help her rob a bank and save her grandma from losing their home. In English. 3F. 1D.

Trailmix. Jennifer Stewart and Julie McNamara. Canada.  2020. 7:00. Premiere. Hired as housekeepers to clean a house in the countryside in Alberta, Canada, sisters Darlene and Charlene start their  first day at work…. a day on the job that  is filled with wackiness, humor and just plain bad work ethics… In English with English captions. 3F. 3D.

Spera Teresa. Damiano Giacomelli. Italy. 2019. 15:00. Premiere. Teresa is a young Disabled singer determined to be somebody in the world of traditional Italian music, despite the difficulties due to her physical condition, the post-seismic context and her freaky helpers. A wild mockumentary entirely shot with local actors in a brand new district created around a container area, after the 2016 center Italy earthquake. In Italian with English captions.

Dark Summer. Conor Powell. UK. 2020. 12:07. Nima, a Horror Movie nerd finds a book called ‘Dark History of Clapham and Battersea’. He tells his friends Abigail and Malachi to come and inspect Flat 66. In English. 3D.

ROCky. Dani Seguí. Spain. 2020. UK Premiere. 10:36. Roc has decided that his end of the year performance is the playback of a very special musical number. But the director of the high school will not allow it under any circumstances. Roc has Down Syndrome and is passionate about “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Spanish with English captions.

Trigger Warning Innocence. Ben Reid. UK. 2018. 19:50. When a worker falls to his death at a care home, it appears to be a terrible accident. But when a detective questions a young man with Down syndrome spotted at the scene, they uncover a crime more shocking than anyone imagined. In English with English captions.

Magic Box. Dave Lojek. Poland & Germany. 2016. 1:20. UK Premiere. A Disabled skater meets a box with legs and they communicate in the universal beatbox language. This improvisation was made with Michał Wilczynski from Teatroterapia in Lublin. 2F. 1D.

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