Artists Films & Videos 2016

SUNDAY 11 DECEMBER 2016:     12pm

Troublemakers Film Festival stillTroublemakers. Eddie’s. UK. 2016. 20:00. FESTIVAL PREMIERE. Troublemakers is a performing arts group for teenagers with learning disabilities in the Cambridgeshire area, organized by the charity Eddie’s. Troublemakers students gained experience both behind and in front of the camera as they worked towards producing a short film. The film has been put together with the support of two dedicated staff members and a team of volunteers, and is based on a small toy dog that one of the members brings each week. “Yapper is lost and all of the group members have a different idea about where they saw him last …”

WhitenessThe Unbearable Whiteness of Being. Vesna Marich. UK. 2016. 6:00. UK FESTIVAL PREMIERE. This short film is about Joy of Sound’s outreach in Bosnia which took place in March 2015. Joy of Sound is a charity from London that provides music and arts workshops for people of all abilities. On the way to an isolated institute for people with learning difficulties, Joy of Sound volunteers got stuck in the amazing, whiter-than-white Bosnian blizzard and winter scenery.  Although left without a van, the volunteers kept walking until they reached their destination.  In English and Bosnian with English sub-titles. Available to watch online at 

The British Paraorchestra Visit Bahrain. Phoebe Holman. UK. 2016. 4:52. WORLD PREMIERE. The British Paraorchestra is the world’s first professional ensemble of disabled musicians, founded by British conductor Charles Hazlewood in 2012, the same year that they memorably performed with Coldplay at the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony. The orchestra are performing in the UK and internationally and the ensemble is pioneering a global movement to recognise and showcase disabled musicians with extraordinary abilities. This film showcases the Paraorchestra’s mission is to end the limitations placed on them, not by their physical ability, but by lack of opportunity. In this short film, you will see the Paraorchestra touring Bahrain in the Middle East. Commissioned by the British Council, the musicians performed 3 gigs in 3 days in outstanding locations to an entirely new global audience.  This film proves that music is a universal language that unites all. Available to watch online at: with English sub-titles.

Sheikh Ebrahim

In C. Phoebe Holman. UK. 2016. 3:10. The British Paraorchestra, led by Artistic Director Charles Hazlewood, and integrated circus company Extraordinary Bodies combine for an aural and visual treat as they perform genius composer Terry Riley’s extraordinary cornerstone of musical minimalism In C. Part of Colston Hall’s Fast Forward Festival and premiered on Friday 3 June 2016. Commissioned by Bristol Music Trust and Bristol Plays Music, and co-produced by The Paraorchestra and Friends and  Extraordinary Bodies. Available to watch online at

Conducting Development Week. James Rose/Film Pro. UK. 2016. 6:12. This film documents an Arts Council-funded project that James Rose ran in May 2016 at Royal Academy of Music, developing his practice as a conductor who uses his head and researching ways that conducting can become more accessible to disabled people. Supporting organisations included Together! 2012 CIC. Available to watch online at or with audio-description.

All About Me. Katherine Araniello. UK. 2016. 14:18. UK FESTIVAL PREMIERE. An insight into the workings of artist Katherine Araniello, presenting extracts of her performance and video work. This is a rare opportunity to see how the artist/performer and film maker thinks and approaches her practice. “Katherine Araniello is a crip goddess and a genius.” Available to watch online at

Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt

Amazing Art. Richard Hunt. Shadowlight Artists/Film Oxford. 2016. 5:30. LONDON PREMIERE. Richard Hunt did a month-long residency at Magdalen Road Studios in East Oxford. He worked on a series of paintings supported by Ellen Hausner and Sonia Boue, who are two of the artists based at the studios. In this video Richard talks about his work and what inspires him. The Shadowlight Artists are an independent group of digital artists with learning disabilities based in Oxfordshire, supported by Film Oxford. Produced by Film Oxford as part of the Creative Bridges project. Available to watch online at 

The Big Shock – Russell Highsmith a writer’s profile. UK. 2016. 6:30. Russell Highsmith from Abingdon wrote a play called The Big Shock, which was performed to a paying audience at Cornerstone Theatre in February 2016. This is believed to be the first time that a writer with learning difficulties has had a full-length play produced at a mainstream theatre. The Shadowlight Artists are an independent group of digital artists with learning disabilities based in Oxfordshire, supported by Film Oxford. Available to watch online at

Sophie and Mandy discuss Jeremy Corbyn.

Sophie and Mandy discuss Jeremy Corbyn.

JC4 Labour Leader Ad, Sophie Partridge, Mandy Colleran & Penny Woolcock, UK, 2016, 2.28m. Jeremy Corbyn gets a lot of criticism, but who does he stand for? Actors Sophie Partridge and Mandy Colleran wrote a special version of their take on “Gogglebox” for Corbyn’s second Labour election campaign, teaming up with award winning director Penny Woolcock. Available to watch online at

Butterfly we all outta. Sean Burn. UK. 2016. 1:33. WORLD PREMIERE. A poetry film about another European friend leaving for the continent due to post-Brexit xenophobia. Available to watch online at

Doublebind. Sean Burn. UK. 2016. 0:45. WORLD PREMIERE. “Are we mad? or made? the doublebind.” A Mad Studies-inspired short film commenting on how much mental distress stems from trauma and structural power imbalances including austerity, racism, sexism, homo&bi&transphobia … Available to watch online at

world turned upside down still 1World turned upside down. Sean Burn. UK (Wales). 2014. 1:00. LONDON PREMIERE. A short film that literally turns the world upside down, repositioning the Antarctic at the top and making us think about the politics of geography. Made and premièred at celf mid-Wales as part of Sean Burn’s disability arts residency there. Available to watch online at