The Hands Project

The Hands Project highlights the fact that we are all both unique individuals and members of the same human race, and celebrates international friendship. 

We want YOU to be part of it. Follow the instructions below. After you’ve made your hands, send us a photograph of each one to so we can add them to the slideshow.

To make the hands you will need: 

  • materialssmLight foam sheeting (‘Plastazote’) or light card (you can use an empty cereal packet).
  • Felt-tip pen (for Plastazote) or any pen or pencil for card.
  • Scissors.

To decorate the hands you will need:

  • PVA or contact glue.
  • Glue / paintbrushes
  • Decorations such as glitter, sequins, feathers, stickers, paint, tissue paper, or cut out images from newspapers and magazines.

1) Place one hand on the Plastazote or card and draw around it with the pen to create an outline (or ask someone to draw round it for you). If you don’t have hands, then draw round whatever you consider your ‘hands’ to be.


2) Then repeat this with your other hand.


3) Use the scissors to cut the hands out (or ask someone to cut them out for you).


4) Write your name in the middle of the outlines (or ask someone to write it for you).


5) Turn the hands over so you have a clean shape to work with.

decorate1sm6) Decorate the hands exactly as you wish e.g. by painting them / glueing objects onto them / creating designs in glitter and sequins / using stickers. If you are not able to do this yourself, ask someone else to decorate the hands following your instructions.

  • dryingsmTIP: You can use glue to paint designs on the hands and then sprinkle glitter or sequins on top.
  • TIP: Use contact glue for feathers and other larger items.
  • TIP: Don’t use too much glue!

7) Leave to dry thoroughly.



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