Animate! 5 December 2021

The Together! 2021 Disability Film Festival presents a selection of animations reflecting Disabled people’s lived experiences in 2021. On Sunday 5 December you could watch the Animate! programme here between 12noon and midnight GMT. Shortly, any publicly available links to individual films will be added to this programme.

Deluge. Collaborative Direction by The Deluge Collective. UK, Hong Kong and Australia. 2021. 15m34s. Festival and English Premiere. This multimedia piece is conceived as a unified audio-visual work. As such, the audio translates what can be seen into sound, while the visuals provide a realisation of the music. F. DDD. Using performance, visual art, digital animation, poetry, and sound, the artists, performers, musician, and composer have narratively considered how the Covid-19 pandemic has fractured and shifted all our lives on one level or another. Through the metaphorical ravishes of the pandemic, we all feel psychologically displaced to some degree or another, as we learn to exist and live our lives differently, in our newfound Covid World. An evolving experimental performance artwork film, Deluge is presented as a digital work where an atmospheric emotive sound scope inhabits the performance emotionally echoing the visual elements of the piece.

It’s Ok Not To Be Ok. Nadal Francisco. UK. 2021. 2m41s. In English with English captions. DDD. A film about Mental Health and what it is like having a disability in today’s society. This film aims to help more people understand what disabled people go through on a daily basis and how it can impact them as a person.

E16. Paizah Malek Neave. UK. 2021. Premiered at the Together! 2021 Disability History Month Festival as part of Postcode Stories on 23 November. 3m. In English with English captions. FFF. DDD. Paizah meets three women on a bus travelling to the local authority’s headquarters to ask for help.

Shots. Zoe Lyttle. US. 2021. 5m30s. In English without captions. FF. DDD. Using over 30 hours of interviews, “SHOTS” weaves together the experiences of living with chronic illness and disability within the United States. The stories are from people of different backgrounds and how the experience of being chronically ill and disabled connects them. It shows an honest perspective, from mentality around living, body dysmorphia, and finding and affording medical care and supplies. In association with Little Wing Film Festival.

Waiting. Jessica Cheeseman. 2m41s. UK. 2021. DDD. FFF. In English without captions. A song and film about a late autism diagnosis.

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Together! 2021 Disability History Month Festival. 11 November-9 December 2021. A Month of inclusive Dance, Drama, Exhibitions, Family Activities, Films, Poetry and conversations, all free and from the comfort of your own home. Including the international Together! 2021 Disability Film Festival. Supported by the National Lottery Community Fund and Arts Council England.