Animate! 2014

6 DECEMBER 2014 3.30pm

Sabled. Sean Burn. 2m40s. 2013. This short film examines the word disabled and how the word is viewed by society mixing words with both positive and negative connotations. Click here to view the film online.

The Cave. Shadowlight Artists. 3m30s. 2014. In this film magical things happen when the Shadowlight Artists find a cave by the shore. This short film is inspired by cave paintings and prehistoric people who used them as creative and sacred spaces. Click here to view the film online.

Oakwood Inspired! Kristina Veasey in collaboration with Oakwood School. 2m17s. 2014. As part of the Driving Inspiration project, disabled artists, Paralympic athletes and students come together to explore the core values of the Paralympic games: equality, determination, courage and inspiration. Click here to view the film online.

Strong Verbals. Des Blake. 1m13s. 2014. An animated and live action film about the unfortunate or unnecessary problems in everyday life, and the impact they can have on mental wellbeing. Click here to view the film online.

Eye TV. James Kurtze. 9m40s. 2013. James Kurtze is a visual and digital artist with Tutti Arts in Adelaide, South Australia. ‘EYE TV’ is about travelling with Dexter, his cat, to different countries, backwards, and forward, in time and through other dimensions. It is a mixture of documentary, comedy, video gaming, animation and special effects. Funded by The Richard Llewellyn Arts and Disability Programme. Click here to view the film online.

Cleaner Required! Kristina Veasey. 1m40s. 2013. This stop-frame animation is Veasey’s response to the disempowerment felt when pain and tiredness stop her from doing simple things like tidying up. The film portrays the mess and clutter of a house growing larger and larger until it takes on a life of its own. Click here to view the film online.

Daily Life. Bobby Baker. 2014. These animations track Dr Bobby and her trusty companions, Roxy and Rudi, as they explore East London. Daily Life Ltd is a Stratford-based arts and mental health charity led by Bobby Baker and funded by Arts Council England. Click here to view the films online.

Just a Line. Stephen Lee Hodgkins and Mary Anne Northeast. 3m20s. 2014. Inspired by a collection of censored family postcards sent during World War I, this short animated film explores John Edward Kirby or, as his loves called him, Jack’s times in the trenches through summarised versions of the postcards. Click here to view the film online.

Ghosts. Simon McKeown. Artsadmin & Channel 4. 2014. Simon Mckeown’s motion capture animation follows a multinational cast of disabled veterans as they prepare for the day in a landscape filled with the artefacts and objects of World War One. Click here to view the film online.