Ida’s Diary

SATURDAY 12 DECEMBER 2015:        12noon

August B. Hanssen, Norway, 2014, 63m.
Ida is a young Norwegian woman, struggling with a turbulent emotional life caused by emotionally unstable personality disorder (borderline). For the last eight years, Ida has kept a video diary in order to ease her mind and structure her thoughts. In her diary we get a unique insight into a world of fear and anxiety, but also precious moments of everyday victories and self-discovery. Most importantly, we get to witness her powerful struggle towards self-acceptance and a genuine appreciation of life. Ida’s Diary is a film about hope, about finding your own identity and daring to live. In Norwegian with English sub-titles.

Ida’s Diary is available to rent or buy online at:

Followed by a discussion about Film and Mental Health, led by Michelle Baharier, Kath Lovell and Julie Newman with BSL interpretation by Jason Smith, over a light lunch.

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