Short Dramas 2016

SUNDAY 11 DECEMBER 2016:       4pm

The Quiet Ones. Teresa Garratty. UK. 2015. 14:58m. LONDON PREMIERE. A teacher at a Deaf boarding school is brutally murdered and the suspects have been narrowed down to four students. Can Detective Clarke and psychologist Dr Barton reveal the murderer’s identity before it’s too late? Which one of the students is a cold-blooded killer? It’s always, The Quiet Ones. In BSL with English subtitles. 

Small World: Episode 3. Louis Neethling. Mutt and Jeff Pictures & BSL Zone. UK. 2016. 28:00. In this episode, the shower breaks, and several visitors come to the flat. But are they who they appear to be? Small World was created and written by Brian Duffy and Ace Mahbaz, who also star in the comedy; other members of the cast include Adam Bassett, Sophie Stone and David Sands. Available to watch online at In BSL with English subtitles.

The Use of Stamps to Evoke Desire

The Use of Stamps to Evoke Desire by Jerome Rehioui

The Use of Stamps to Evoke Desire, Jerome Rehioui, UK, 2015, 07:14m. FESTIVAL PREMIERE. Alice, an English woman living in London, decides to write a letter to her boyfriend who lives in Paris. Her letter will reveal her fears and hopes to move abroad, referring to the migrants situation who have no choice but to leave their own country. Available to watch online at in English with English subtitles.

Wheels of Fortune. Louise Lenihan and Simone Tunbridge. Australia. 2016. 4:52. UK PREMIERE. Jonathan is just a regular guy like everybody else. He goes to work. He catches the bus. He dines at nice restaurants. The only difference is he does it on wheels. But some people just don’t know how to deal with that. Available to watch online at: and In English with English subtitles.



Wrestless. John Tilley & Kelly Turnbull. Liberdade. UK. 2014. 11:38. A young man doesn’t want to leave the house and likes to play video games. So his friends try to turn his life around. Available to watch online at

The Haircut. CanDo Films. UK. 2014. 2:22. WORLD PREMIERE. A woman who goes to the hairdresser to get a haircut but doesn’t get what she wants….or does she? CanDo Films is a therapeutic film making group from South London. Available to watch online at 

The Thief. CanDo Films. UK. 2013. 3:24. WORLD PREMIERE. A light-hearted comedy about a thief who may or may not get her comeuppance. CanDo Films is a therapeutic film making group from South London. Available to watch online at

Not Saving Private Ryan. Paul Green. UK. 2016. 2:17. WORLD PREMIERE. Whilst Steve is out on patrol he is caught up in a IED blast. His mates battle to save his life. This graphic film depicts the reality of war, still one of the leading causes of disability worldwide.

The Siege of Clonmel. The Clonmel Busking and Arts Festival. Ireland. 2016. 23:00. During his conquest of Ireland Oliver Cromwell, with his 8,000-strong army, took nearly every town without much effort until he came to Clonmel. There he met his greatest resistance in Hugh Dubh O’Neill and his 1200 Irish defenders, whereby Cromwell lost up to 2500 of his men, more than he had lost in all his other battles in Ireland put together. The film’s lead and most of the cast are users of REHAB Care.

Siege of Clonmel

The Siege of Clonmel