Short Stories 2, 4 December 2022

This programme has now ended but you can see details of the films below. Email us with your comments and feedback. Some films contain adult language/challenging themes.

Collections of Queer Poets: One Inky Queer. Éloïse ‘Loulou’ Armary. UK. 2022. 20m 4s. Film Festival Premiere. In English. DDD. Through the voice of One Inky Queer, Collections of Queer Poets unveils the poetry scene in Brighton, a space for marginalised voices to share their truth in front of a like-minded audience. Discover how One Inky Queer started from writing poetry, isolated because of lockdown and being Disabled, to co-creating a new community focusing on Queer and trans poets that is accessible to Disabled people: Queer The Mic. This short documentary is an invitation for marginalized people to find their creative community.

My Daughter Yoshiko. Brian Blum and David M. Night Maire. USA. 15m. 2019. In English and Japanese with English captions. F. DD. A Japanese-American mother struggles to come to terms with her daughter’s autism diagnosis. Based on true events.

Tyler’s Story. Steve Bollschweiler. UK. 12m 30s. 2022. Festival Premiere. In English with English captions. D. Tyler Paul was selected to carry the London 2012 Paralympic Flame Torch after representing Great Britain in a world junior table tennis championship. Over ten years on, what does the world look for someone in a wheelchair? Tyler’s Story follows a day in his life, as he goes to the gym, sees his friends and tackles the barriers of a society that’s still learning how to be truly accessible. Tyler shares his views on the Paralympic legacy, and hopes that it will continue to inspire a world where more Disabled people can live independent lives.

Together! 2022 Disability History Month Festival, 22 November - 8 December, Inclusive Dance, Drama, Exhibitions, Family Activities, Films, Music, Poetry & conversations, all free & from the comfort of your own home, with captions and British Sign Language interpretation. Including the international Together! 2022 Disability Film Festival 2-4 December 2022.

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