Together! 2022 Open Exhibition

Exhibiting Artists: Daksha Amin, Andrew C, Dawn Barber, Sean Bedminster, Duncan Bridgstock, Lee Brooker, Dwain Bryan, Carol J, Julie Cordell, Dayon, Leanne Edwards, Hauro, Kang Sing Fung, Ju Gosling, Hasifa, Ella Higginbottom, Sarah Hughes, June O, Lorraine, Tony Malone, Alison Marchant, Suheb Miah, Mighty Mega Club, Mohamed K, Mohamed M, Cheryl Mclennan, Julie Newman, Paul W, Pritesh Patel, Crystal Peasy, Kate Rolison, Sarah, Joan Saunders, Glory Sengo, Simbiat, Yuvraj Singh, Eve Smith, Tracy Surgeoner, Saffiya Yusuf, Renée Wallen, Jayne Waters and Emily Welch. Thanks to: Art For Fun, Children’s Discovery Centre, INUF, Rosetta Art Centre, Together! Art Club and all of the exhibiting artists for their support.

Curated by Alison Marchant and Ju Gosling with assistance from Sarah Hughes and Kate Rolison, the annual Together! Open Exhibition brings together work by amateur, community, student, semi-professional and professional Disabled artists  of all ages from the main Paralympic Host Borough of Newham. Anyone with a Newham connection – for example, living, studying, working or volunteering in Newham now or in the past – and who identifies as a Deaf or Disabled person* is able to submit one family-friendly work for guaranteed inclusion. *Including people with learning difficulties, long-term mental health difficulties, physical or sensory impairments and long-term health conditions, from all ages and cultural groups. Clicking on an image will display it at full size to enable you to ‘get up close’.

Click here to read an Introduction by Dr Ju Gosling and watch a recording of the opening event.

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A colourful landscape non-naturalistic image of a tangle of flowering plants with long stems pushing up into the light.

Jayne Waters. Flower Jungle. Acrylics and inks. A4. 2022.

A square image of a bouquet of flowers with purple, pink and red petals, in a vase that is sitting on a mat on a table with a dining chair behind it.

Sarah Hughes. Bouquet. Chalk pastel on paper. 13″x13″. 2022.

A river runs under a bridge in the country, with green fields and trees in the background against a cloudy blue sky.

Tony Malone. 2022.

This is a digitally altered photograph. The background is off white, in the middle are three stalks of passionflowers crossing over each other. There are two purple and white flowers, off centre, and green leaves covering three small green fruits, and one of which is orange.

Julie Newman. Vicarage Lane Passion Flowers. Digital image. 2019.

Impressionistic square image of flowers in reds, blues, whites and greens against a red and yellow background.

Daksha Amin. Autumn  bouquet. Oil and acrylic paints. 2017.

A mouse looks up at flowers and trees against a blue background.

Pritesh Patel. Garden. Painting. 2022.

Photograph of a yellow sunflower with a red and black centre, made from a paper plate and card.

Carol J. Sunflower. Painted card on paper. A4. 2022.

Detailed pencil drawing of a sunflower head.

Cheryl Mclennan. Sunflower. Pencil drawing on paper. 2021.

Photograph of a sculpture made from feathers, raffia, wire and other natural materials, sitting in front of textured wallpaper.

Paul W. Sculpture. 14″ x 7″ x 4″. 2022.

Photograph of a sculpture made from feathers, raffia, wire and other natural materials, sitting in front of textured wallpaper.

June O. Sculpture. 10″ x 6″ x 3″. 2022.

Photograph of a sculpture made from feathers, raffia, dried flowers and other natural materials, sitting on a table

Joan Saunders. Two sculptures. Left: 24cm tall, 26cm wide and 9cm deep. Right: 26cm tall, 9cm wide and 9cm deep. 2022.

Alison Marchant. Closed Landscape Re-Visited. Framed photograph with oak leaves. 5″x7″. 2022.

Delicate drawing in brown ink of a plant stem.

Kate Rolison. Hoya Kerrii Study. Homemade oak gall ink on paper. 22.9 x 30.5 cm. 2022.

Montage on paper with a brown tree trunk, with unseen branches covered in white blossom outlined in red with yellow centres. More blossom is falling onto the ground.

Mohamed M. Tree in blossom. Paint and paper. A4. 2022.

Yellow painted model made from a paper plate and toilet roll inner.

Hasifa. 3-D Hedgehog. Cardboard and paint. 2022.

Coloured-in pre-printed image, cut out with fringed brown paper added to create spikes.

Andrew C. Hedgehog. Paper and coloured pens. 2022.

Grey pencil drawing of an owl sitting on a branch.

Leanne Edwards. Owl in a tree. Pencil on paper. 2022.

Tracy Surgeoner. Wedding. Counted cross stitch. 16″ x 12″. 2022.

Montage of cut out and coloured insects and caterpillars, with red, brown, black, blue and green colours.

Sean Bedminster. Untitled. 15cm square. 2022.

Delicate painting of colourful butterflies on blossom.

Kang Sing Fung. Untitled. Paint on paper. 13cm x 8cm. 2021.

Colourful painting of butterflies feeding on flowers.

Sarah. Butterflies. Paint on canvas. 20” x 16”. 2022.

Photograph of a wide level brown path disappearing into the distance between green trees.

Julie Cordell. Thames Chase. Digital photograph. 2022.

In this self-portrait, Ju is seated in an Edwardian wheeled chair. Ju's headdress is reminiscent of paintings of Colonial ’subjects’, as well as reflecting the Carnival traditions of previously enslaved communities, and her walking stick bears the carved head of an African. Her spinal brace is decorated with plastic jewels. Ju is seated as if on parade, occupying the Queen’s space and waving at the crowd, but is entirely alone.

Ju Gosling. Platinum Jubilee. Digital photograph. 2022.

Emily Welch. See You Later.

A black and white photograph shows a young women with long hair tied back in a centre parting and glasses, with her hands in front of her face with her palms facing outwards. Her nails are extremely long.

Eve Smith. Digital Self-Portrait. 2022.

Portrait of a woman seen from the side against a black background. She has long hair and is looking down.

Ella Higginbottom. Mona Lisa With No Smile. Charcoal and pastels on paper. 2021.

Portrait of a long-haired woman staring out from a black background, with the right half of her face in shadow.

Renée Wallen. Out of the darkness. Acrylic paint on canvas. 9” x 12”. 2022.

Portrait of a young man wearing a parka and looking straight out at the viewer. He is also wearing a white t-shirt with a Jordan Air logo.

Yuvraj Singh. Self-portrait. Watercolour paint on paper. A4. 2022.

Colourful surreal representation of a face.

Lorraine. Untitled. Coloured pencils and crayons on paper. Large postcard size. 2021.

Abstract painting in reds, browns and blacks, combining squares which have textured middles with flat ovals.

Chucky. Shuheb Miah. Acrylic on card. 2022.

Abstract collage in red, orange, yellow, purple, blue, pink and black.

Duncan Bridgstock. Expoobident. Card on paper collage. 2022.

Colourful abstract drawing consisting of many different coloured-in hand-drawn shapes.

Lost in Colour. Dawn Barber. Felt pen and coloured pencils on paper. 2022.

Impressionistic still life painting of candles and jugs in blue, green, red and yellow.

Crystal Peasy. Candles. Paint on paper. 2021.

Colourful montage of 14 different hand-drawn and coloured in capital letters, created by participants in the Mighty Mega Club.

Impressionistic pencil drawing in pinks and blues against a yellow background of two pairs of shoes, viewed from above.

Glory Sengo. Shoes. Coloured pencils on paper. 2022.

Realistic drawing of a pair of men's plimsolls, with white soles and laces and blue canvas uppers.

Lee Brooker. Plimsolls. Pencils on paper. A3. 2022.

Drawing of a pair of red girls' shoes, with round toes and a strap, with patterns on the lining and on the toes.

Safiyya Yusuf. Red Shoes. Pen on paper. A3. 2022.

Painting of a pair of open-backed women's brown evening shoes, sitting on something red.

Dwain Bryan. Shoes. Paint on paper. 2021.

Painting of a red boat with a green sail, on a blue sea with white waves, against a blue sky. White clouds and a yellow sun have been cut out of paper and stuck onto the sky.

Mohamed K. Boat. Paint and paper. A4. 2022.

Photo of a papier-mâché mask with holes for eyes and mouth, painted in shades of red, yellow, orange and black, viewed from above against a white surface.

Peter R. Mask. 3″x6. 2022.

Photo of a textured painting of a red rose with a green and brown stem and leaves, created on a white disposable plate.

Hauro. Rose. Paint, salt dough and plate. 2022.

Photo of craft objects painted in pink, red and black on a white disposable plate.

Simbiat. Two Snakes and two Rose. Paint on salt dough and plate. 2022.

Photo of a paper plate, painted red, with a Xmas tree embroidered on in wool and various stickers.

Dayon. Xmas Tree Plate. Wool, paint and stickers on paper. 2022.

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