Together! 2021 Open Exhibition

Exhibiting Artists: Sharifa Achhodi, Daksha Amin, Rosemond Asomaning, Dawn Barber, Sean Bedminster, Lee Brooker, Dwain Bryan, Andrew C, Jean Clark, Blue Coker, Julie Cordell, Leanne Edwards, David Elton, Ju Gosling, Nayimur H, Tasadaq H, Ella Higginbottom, Sarah Hughes, Parvin Khoshdel, Jermaine Logan, Tony Malone, Alison Marchant, Mighty Mega Club, Cheryl Mclennan, Paizah Neave-Malek, Julie Newman, Kevin O, June Owen, Pritesh Patel, Crystal Peasy, Laura Pickering, Sterre Ploeger, Kate Rolison, Angela Scott, Glory Sengo, Sophia Simon, Margaret Spence, Darren T, Renée Wallen, Jayne Waters, Paul Wright, James Wong-McSweeney and Safiyya Yusuf.  Thanks to Together! 2012 Art Club, the Art Recovery Group, Art for Fun, Discover Children’s Story Centre, INUF, Act Up! Newham and Powerhouse Women.

Curated by Sarah Hughes, Alison Marchant and Ju Gosling, the annual Together! Open Exhibition brings together work by amateur, community, student, semi-professional and professional Disabled artists from the main Paralympic Host Borough of Newham. Anyone with a Newham connection – for example, living, studying, working or volunteering in Newham now or in the past – and who identifies as a Deaf or Disabled person* is able to submit one family-friendly work for guaranteed inclusion. *Including people with learning difficulties, long-term mental health difficulties, physical or sensory impairments and long-term health conditions, from all ages and cultural groups. We usually exhibit and tour the Together! Open Exhibition to community venues (there are no dedicated gallery spaces in Newham), curating the displays according to themes, subjects and colours. Clicking on an image will display it at full size to enable you to ‘get up close’.

Impressionistic style painting of a wildflower meadow

Sharifa Achhodi. Untitled. Mixed media on postcard-sized paper. 2021 with Art for Fun.

Bright green foliage surrounds the water, whose colour is echoed by the sky.

Tony Malone. Waterfalls. Cascading waterfalls in the Talybont-on-Usk forests in the Brecon Beacons. Watercolour on handmade rag paper. 30x40cm. 2021.

Sunlight shines through tree trunks illuminating the ground.

Daksha Amin. Autumn woodland. 30”x 45”. Acrylic on canvas. 2016.

Brightly coloured woodland scene with a path going through the trees.

Sarah Hughes. Summer Shadows. Chalk pastel on paper. A4. 2021.

Brown and orange leaves, paint and glitter on canvas

Sterre Ploeger. Leaves. Mixed media with leaves on canvas. Autumn 2020.

A small yellow duckling reaches the muddy beach as the water swirls past.

Julie Cordell. ‘Just having a paddle’. Digital camera image 10″x 7″. 31/9/2021.

A blue sea washes against golden sand with a green-covered mountain in the background.

Maria Falivene. For Joy. 23x31cm. Mixed media on canvas. 2021.

Brightly coloured abstract pattern in blues, reds and golds with detail in black.

Jayne Waters. Sunrise Throw. Original drawing printed on to velvet. 36 x 142cm. 2019.

Montage of close-ups of three flower heads: yellow and red tulips and a pink rose, manipulated to extreme colours.

Ju Gosling aka ju90. Flower power. Digitally manipulated photographic montage. 2021.

Drawing in coloured pencil of a green vase of flowers.

Glory Sengo. Still Life. Pencil on A3 paper. 2021 with the Together! 2012 Art Club.

Vase of flowers all made of paper

Darren T. Untitled. Mixed media. 2021 with Art for Fun.

Paper collage of a bunch of flowers wrapped in paper

Kevin O. Untitled. Collage on A3 paper. 2021 with Art for Fun.

Collage of a bush with red and white flowers.

Tasadaq H. Untitled. Paper collage on A3 paper. 2021 with Art for Fun.

Stylised design of green flower with red and purple leaves and petals surrounded by other objects.

Sophia Simon. Powerhouse Flower. Felt tip on paper A4. 27/10/2021 with Powerhouse Women.

Drawing in green of a grasshopper.

Sean Bedminster. Untitled. Felt tipped pens on postcard-sized paper. 2021 with Art for Fun.

Coloured paper cut out of a porcupine.

Andrew C. Untitled. Mixed media. 2021 with Art for Fun.

Drawing of a rhino with zebra stripes

James Wong-McSweeney. Zhino. Paper, pencil, watercolour, chalk on A4. 28/10/2021 with INUF.

Stylised image reminiscent of Manga animation

Leanne Edwards. Squirrel in the tree.
Felt tip on A4 paper. 28/10/2021 with INUF.

Brightly coloured paper creepy crawly against an energetically painted green background

Nayimur H. Untitled. Mixed media collage on paper. 2021 with Art for Fun.

Kate Rolison. Detail from the Goose Eggs Quilt. Hand embroidery and paper pieced patchwork. This section 31 x 23cm. 2021.

Abstract in golds, reds and yellows.

Parvin Khoshdel. Climate Pollution. Mixed media, using ‘press printing technique with paper, acrylic paint, ink and glue. 46cm×36cm. 2007.

A pattern of golds, greens and blues surrounds the outside, then a ring of pink and purple alternate stripes leads to further variegated circles of pinks, greens and browns, leading to a maze-like centre.

Jean Clark. Pattern. Felt tip on paper A4. 27/10/2021 with Powerhouse Women.

Colourful collection of dozens of differently coloured pom-poms against a purple-pink background.

Crystal Peasy. Pom-Pom Waterfall. Leftover wool. 2’x 4’. 2021 with the Together! 2012 Art Club.

Julie Newman. First sighting of Perseverance landing on Mars on 18 February 2021. Water colour on A3 watercolour paper. 2021.

Colourful flowing abstract painting

David Elton. Abstract Painting. Acrylic on paper for acrylics. A3. 2018 with the Art Recovery Group.

Colourful semi-abstract drawing featuring smiling faces.

Dawn Barber. Smile, and the world smiles with you. 20″x16″. Acrylic on canvas. 10/2021.

Paul Wright. Abstract. Mixed media on postcard-size paper. 2021 with Art for Fun.

A white couple embrace and then kiss.Black and white print with felt tip pen.

Rosemond Asomaning. Dance. Felt pen on A4. 10/2021 with Powerhouse Women.

Photograph of a red-painted skull against a green and blue background.

Blue Coker. Scary Skull. 3D approx 15cm x15cm. Papier mache, tissue and paint. 10/2021 with Powerhouse Women.

Blue and orange painted skull viewed from above

Angela Scott. Papier mache Skull. (It is the blue and pink skull). 3D approx 15cm x15cm. Papier mache, tissue and paint. 10/2021 with Powerhouse Women.

Black and white drawing headed Venom Dark Origin with the outline of a semi-human monster below.

Jermaine Logan. The Dark Spider. Pencil on A4 paper. 4/11/2021.

Elaborately. drawn mostly black and white semi-abstract image.

Ella Higginbottom. Tutankhamen and Nefertiti. Felt pen on paper. 6.1″x8.2″ / 21cmx 16cm. Dates worked on: 4/9/20, 1/10/20, 29/10/20, 7/10/21, 14/10/21 with INUF.

Head and shoulders portrait of a man with receding hair in blues, greys, blacks and yellows

Renée Wallen. Philip over Zoom. Oil on canvas. 9” x 12”. 2020.

"It is supposed to be me on d wheelchair painting by d River in my country where I was born 78 years ago." 

Paizah Neave-Malek. Painting by River Lekir, Malaysia. “It is supposed to be me on d wheelchair painting by d River in my country where I was born 78 years ago.” Colourful felt pen on A3 paper. 22/2/2021.

June Owen. Untitled. Pen and pencil on postcard-sized paper. 2021 with Art for Fun.

Pritesh Patel. Tokyo Olympics. Felt tipped pen on paper. 2021.

Title: 'Trace' transparent archive photograph of tannery workers on the windows of a former tannery.

Alison Marchant. ‘Trace’. Transparent archive photograph of tannery workers on the windows of a former tannery.

Detailed drawing of the central London landscape possibly from Greenwich

Laura Pickering. Untitled. Ink drawing on paper. 2021 with Art for Fun.

A straw hat is sitting on the ground in front of a straw shopping bag, both in shades of red.

Lee Brooker. ‘Untitled’ Pencil on A3 paper. 2021 with the Together! 2012 Art Club.

Still life of a grey shopping bag with three bright prints or patches on the front, leaning against a white wall with an open yellow paper fan on the floor in front of it.

Margaret Spence. ‘Untitled’. Gel pens on paper. 4″ x 5”. 2021.

Bright red strappy high-heeled sandals with closed toes and leopard print insoles have been kicked off on the floor.

Dwain Bryan. Still life with Red Shoes. Acrylic paint on paper. A3 (cropped for photo). 22/10/2021 with the Together! 2012 Art Club.

Coloured drawing of a pair of red flat round-toed women's shoes with straps, sitting surrounded by crystals.

Cheryl Mclennan. Shoes waiting to go on holiday. 21 x 16cm. Coloured pencil and ink..  2021 with the Together! Art Club.

Drawing in dark red felt tipped pen of a pair of women's pointed toe shoes and a rounded bag.

Safiyya Yusuf. Still Life with shoes and bag. Felt pen on A4 paper. 2021 with the Together! 2012 Art Club.

Painting of a pair of women's red shoes with pink flowers on the toes, facing away from each other against a gold background, with black wall visible around the sides.

Tracy Vidal.  Pom-pom shoes. Acrylic on canvas. 8 x 10″.

Squiggles of bright neon colour on 8 landscape-shaped black panels give a very effective representation of fireworks.

Discover Children Story Centre’s Mighty Mega Club. Firework Display. Neon marker pen on black paper. November 2021.

Together! 2021 Disability History Month Festival. 11 November-9 December 2021. A Month of inclusive Dance, Drama, Exhibitions, Family Activities, Films, Poetry and conversations, all free and from the comfort of your own home. Including the international Together! 2021 Disability Film Festival. Supported by the National Lottery Community Fund and Arts Council England.