Short Dramas Sunday 3 December 2023

Sunday’s Dramas tell stories of Deaf and Disabled people from the UK, US, Canada, Nepal and Australia. Click here to watch on YouTube. This programme has now ended.

Still from filmPen Pals. Lucas Frison. Canada. 2023. 12m 30s. In English with English captions. F, D. A young man with Down syndrome pursues a romantic relationship with his pen pal.


still from the filmPost-Production. Madhur Thapa. Nepal. 2023. 18m 29s. World Premiere. In Nepali with English captions. F, D. A student sound recordist’s perspective shifts when he’s entrusted to return a wheelchair loaned by a Disabled girl.

still from the filmUnconditional. Molly Schenkenberger. United States. 2023. 7m 37s. UK Premiere. In English with English captions. FFF, D. Riley accepts her ostomy, but can her new girlfriend Avery? Riley decides to show Avery the medical supplies she carries every day.

still from the filmAs You Are. Daisy Friedman. United States. 2023. 14m 42s. European Premiere. In English with English captions. FF, D. When an interabled queer couple spends the night together for the first time, they must confront their complex relationships with desire, sexuality, bodily autonomy, and what it means truly to love another person.

still from the filmCulicidae. Greg Moran. Australia. 2021. 6m 58s. No Dialogue. DDD. A late night intrusion leads to a life and death struggle.



still from the filmReverberations: The Return. Samuel Dore. United Kingdom. 2023. 28m. In BSL with English captions. DDD. A time travelling mission to prevent the eradication of deafness failed. Time is running out. A hero gathers allies for the ultimate confrontation

still from the filmFour Deaf Yorkshire Men and a Wedding. Louis Neethling. 2022. United Kingdom. 28m. In BSL with English captions. DDD. The latest in the popular series about four grumpy Deaf yorkshiremen. Angus’s daughter announces she’s getting married. But has she chosen the right one?

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