Together! 2012 Consultancy

Welcome to the Together! 2012 Consultancy, an Organisational Development & Training Service operated by Together! 2012 CIC. Together! 2012 CIC is an international centre of excellence for Disability Arts, led by Disabled people and created in 2013 to take forward the Paralympic cultural Legacy in East London. We have team members based in London and Birmingham, but can deliver our services internationally.

Headed by former Paralympian multi-Gold medallist Robin Surgeoner MBE, the Together! 2102 Consultancy is aimed at enabling organisations of every size to achieve inclusion on equal terms across all aspects of your business or organisation, and therefore to maximize your impact and effectiveness. We use disability as the starting point, but cover all of the ‘protected characteristics’ including race, gender, age, religion and sexual orientation.

The Together! 2102 Consultancy can assist you to deliver bespoke, structural evolution in delivering inclusive practice across all elements of employment and service and product delivery. Our highly experienced consultants come from diverse backgrounds themselves, and are experts in the fields of organisational development and inclusive practices, motivational training, policy analysis and staff enhancement.

We support you to gain Inclusion Confidence, which:

  • Enables organisations to recruit the best possible candidates.
  • Ensures that all workers thrive and that their skills and experience can be retained in changing circumstances.
  • Ensures that organisations are reaching all of their potential customers, service users and audiences.
  • Ensures that policies and plans are ‘future-proofed’ for changing demographics.

We embed creativity throughout our work, and all profits support Together! 2012’s free year-round programme of exhibitions, events and other creative activities. We can additionally offer you CSR opportunities within our artistic programme which will enable your staff to come into contact with a wide range of disabled people from diverse backgrounds in a creative and enjoyable way.

Robin Surgeoner MBEFor more information please contact Together! 2012 Business Director Robin Surgeoner MBE

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