Animate! Saturday 2 December 2023

Animate! features films of all styles from the UK, US, Netherlands, Belgium, India, Hungary and Brazil. This programme has now ended but the details are below. It was available for 24 hours from 12noon GMT 2 December 2023.

still from the filmHi!. Narjes Mohammadi, Hajar Mehrani. Netherlands. 2022. 5m. No Dialogue. F, D. A story about a child, a school bus, paper folding and communication.



Still from AutersightAuterSight. Bernadett Nadin Csépke. Hungary. 2022. 9m 20s. UK Premiere. No Dialogue. F, D. An autistic person is trying to explain the reason for her otherness to her younger self.


still from the filmEmma and the Talent Show. Tyler Comeau. United States. 2023. 6m. UK Premiere. In English with English captions. F, D. A young girl with autism is excited to share her passion for music at her school talent show.


Tom Breach drawingFrustratingly Independent. Tom Breach/Shadowlight Artists @ Film Oxford. United Kingdom. 2023. Length. World Premiere. In English with English captions. DDD.Tom Breach leverages his talent for creating darkly humorous cartoons to produce a video documenting his struggles to achieve greater independence as an adult with autism. Meet the Shadowlight Artists on Zoom from 3-4pm on Saturday 2 December and find out more about their current exhibition at the Old Fire Station Oxford, which includes this film. Book here.

still from filmOscillation. Kathleen Wijns. Belgium. 2022. 6m 4s. No Dialogue. F, D. A cat goes on a quest to understand his dissociative disorder.



film posterTunnel. Ranjit Mohanty. India. 2013. 1m. UK Premiere. In Hindi with English captions. D. A school study tour to a national park is put in jeopardy by a power cut, but one student is able to save the day.



still from the filmHeartbeat. Kim Spierenburg. Netherlands. 2023. 3m. UK Premiere. No Dialogue. FFF, DDD. Heartbeat is an ode to (new) life, inspired by the sound of the violin that revives me. This experimental short film was created using mixed digital methods and image generation technologies.

Paint My Nails. Lindsey Goodhart. United States. 2023. 3m 8s. International Premiere. Captions, no dialogue. FF, D. A mixed media music video by Lindsey Goodhart for Musician Reggie Pearl; focusing on the irony behind nature and beauty. Trigger warning: some viewers may find the content disturbing.

still from the filmButch. Adam Cox. United Kingdom. 2023. 3m 8s. No Dialogue. D. Butch is a man with a secret – on the full moon, all is revealed! The first animated short by learning disabled artist Adam Cox, supported by artist Leigh Bowser and the BEYOND Artist Development Scheme run by Pyramid in Leeds.

still from the filmThe Mystery of the Süssekind Street. Daniel Süssekind. Brazil. 2022. 9m. In Portuguese with English captions. D. Mysterious crimes are scaring the people of the once-quiet Süssekind Street. A pair of detectives are looking for clues. Who is behind these crimes and why are they happening?

still from the filmCeiba Y Sus Raíces Taínas. Jacqueline Ferreira, Brithney Rivera, and Megan Schmitz. United States. 3m 55s. European Premiere. In Spanish with English captions. FFF, D. Disaster strikes the island of Puerto Rico as Guabancex, Spirit of Chaos, leads a hurricane, Ceiba, a young wheelchair user, calls upon the Spirit of Protection, Yucahu, to prevent catastrophic doom.

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