Ground rules for participants

Together! welcomes all Disabled people to our free Arts activities including people with learning difficulties, people with sensory and mobility impairments, people with mental health difficulties and people with long-term health conditions. Companions including carers and support workers are also welcome, as are volunteers (working under the direction of the activity leader). You can find the Code of Practice for Personal Assistance here and the Code of Conduct for Directors, Employees, Apprentices, Interns and Volunteers here.

We ask participants to make the following commitments (in-person and online):

  • We will do our best to be on time.
  • We will put our phones onto silent during the activity. If we need to take a call, we will mute ourselves and switch our cameras off first if on Zoom, or leave the room if we are in-person.
  • We will not bring cigarettes, drugs or alcohol into the activity space or have these on camera.
  • We recognize that we are all equally valuable as human beings, and that everyone’s work and opinions are important and deserve respect.
  • We recognize that we all have different needs, and will do our best to facilitate each other to participate equally.
  • We will take it in turns to speak or sign, so that everyone has a chance to express themselves, and we can all listen to what they have to say. We welcome everyone’s contribution.
  • We will listen to each other with respect for our different viewpoints, beliefs, cultures and backgrounds. We are happy that everyone is different and thinks differently.
  • We will provide positive and constructive feedback about each other’s work. Discussions and criticism must focus on issues, not individuals.
  • We will respect each other’s privacy and confidentiality, and will not repeat personal information that is shared during the activity to other people.
  • We will tell the activity leader about anything that would make the activity more accessible or more enjoyable for us, as well as raising any concerns or complaints with them.