2024 Events Programme

All our events take place online via Zoom and are free to attend. Links and booking details will be provided below soon. All events are led by Disabled artists. Most events are for everyone, but some activities are aimed at Disabled people and their companions. All performances and live events and activities have English captions and British Sign Language interpretation.

Holocaust Memorial Day 27/1Saturday 27 January 2024: The Fragility of Freedom for Disabled People. A resource to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, with poetry, text and conversation, comparing the situation facing Disabled people in the UK today with the ’10 Stages of Genocide’. Click here.

LGBT+ History MonthWednesday 28 February 2024 7-8pm: Together! Pop-Up Poetry Café for LGBT+ History Month in association with Regard, the national LGBTQI+ Disabled People’s Organisation. Featured poets include Reanna Valentine, DL Williams, Marcella Rick and Vron McIntyre. The Month’s theme for 2024 is Medicine. We are highlighting the lived experiences of LGBTQI+ Disabled people, including of the mental health and learning difficulty services, and recording these for history. Book here. If you are a Disabled poet who identifies as a member of the LGBTQI+ communities and would like to read, contact us on info@together2012.org.uk

Friday 8 March 2024 7-8pm: International Women’s Day musical performance, with artists including Jo-anne Cox, Mx Dennis Queen and Clare Summerskill. Dedicated to the memory of Roxana Stroe. Book here.International Women's Day

Coming soon: details of our events for Newham Heritage Month, Newham Word Festival, LGBTQI+ Pride Month, Disability Pride Month and Black History Month, together with our Kitchen Carnival and the Together! 2024 Disability Film Festival.